Enabling User Access Registration and Other WordPress Plugins

Dealing with User Access and Registration in WordPress

If there is the best place for content management and blogging, it is WordPress. No wonder that this platform is the most used medium for site owners who are doing content marketing. However, there are so many things that you need to know as a beginner when it comes to dealing with user access WordPress plugin.

By managing your users well, you are able to differentiate which ones are editors, contributors, authors, and etc. In this post, the value of enabling user access registration through plugins will be discussed. Generally, there are two roles that you need to differentiate when it comes to registration, subscriber versus contributor. If you are keen, you can easily say that Subscriber has no access or privileges in the internal content of your site. On the other hand, contributor can assume the duty of authors, editors and etc that have access to internal site content.

Here are the top reasons why user registration plugin should be enabled in your WP site:

Best strategy used with bloggers (guest)

If you are to examine the blagosphere, guest blogging is a very common trend. However, receiving lots of guest post entries in a day can be too overwhelming especially if you need to go through all of them. Sometimes, there is the need for you to fix the format of the entries before approving its posting. With the help of registration, you can be able to assign the guest bloggers with a special role of contributor. All you need to do is create a page where all the guidelines of guest blogging will be posted. After they have submitted their entries for review, you can easily access content and decide whether the content will be approved or not. It is easier this way rather than receiving contents from total strangers online. By making them contributors, your life becomes easier.  

Premium sections and membership site

By enabling registration, your page becomes a membership site. In short, you can set premium pages for subscribers that registered as contributors of the site. To manage this kind of capability easier, it is best that you are using a plugin so that it will be easier for you to limit the access to some contents like photos and etc. Some premium posts will only be available for viewing to editors and admins of the site. If the contents are approved and have been limited, your contributors and users with premium pass can be able to view them.

Offering extra bonuses in your site

In order to keep the ball rolling in your WordPress blog, sometimes there is the need for you to offer some bonuses to the present users. Registration for premium content is different from extra bonuses. In here, you are creating special type of code generated by a plugin to give special offer to your users. One example is giving 10% discount when subscribing to higher type of user roles.

There are literally hundreds of user access WordPress plugins out there or even thousands. There are some that are still currently being developed. If you need help with this part of online content marketing strategy, make sure to contact and ask assistance from a well seasoned specialist.

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